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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
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Battlestar Galactica: Teacher's Pet

Battlestar Galactica

"Teacher's Pet"

Echoes of New Caprica GN


Story by Emily Salzfass

Art by Chrissy Delk

April 2009


Roslin struggles to educate her young students with a human-centric curriculum under the oppressive Cylon regime.


Story Summary


Laura Roslin is trying to teach the children of New Caprica about the history and culture of the Twelve Colonies, but the Cylons intervene, not allowing her to teach the old human history, wanting humanity to start again with their existence on New Caprica and their benevolent rulers. Laura keeps trying to find ways to teach about the Colonies anyway, but soon realizes that one of her students is an informant, notifying the Cylons of her teachings. In addition, many of the children's parents are exchanging information damaging to the underground resistance for the Cylons' guarantee of safety for their kids.


The underground begins harassing and even killing suspected collaborators, leaving some of the children orphans. Some of the parents begin providing information to the underground, which puts a Cylon target on them. The underground grabs one suspect, the father of Laura's student Saskia, and it is revealed that Saskia is the school informant, at her father's direction.


As hits between the underground and the Cylons escalate, the Cylons finally gather a group of disloyal human parents and begin shooting them in front of the school. But several underground resistance members at the school uncover Saskia and her father. The soldiers fire on the Cylon executioners, defeating them and saving a number of the parents. During the melee, Saskia saves another student.


At the end of the day, both sides thinking they have won a victory, things are calm. But for how long?




Notes from the BSG chronology


This story does not fit well in between episodes of the series. It basically takes place in segments concurrent with the events of "Occupation".


Didja Know?


"Teacher's Pet" is one of three stories appearing in the Battlestar Galactica manga graphic novel Echoes of New Caprica published by TokyoPop. "Teacher's Pet" covers pages 5-59 of the graphic novel.




Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode


Laura Roslin

President Baltar


Sam Anders

Galen Tyrol

Colonel Tigh


Calista Ray

Phoebe Ray

Calista and Phoebe's father (mentioned only)

Number Three


Kevin's father (mentioned only)

Hubera (mentioned only)




Number One

Caprica Six


Tory Foster

Cole's father

Becca Torria (mentioned only)

Lianne (mentioned only)

Anthony (mentioned only)


Quint (dies in this story)




Didja Notice?


On the "Prologue..." text page, Baltar is said to have defeated Roslin in the presidential election and then reluctantly accepts the executive office. Yes, he defeated her in the election in "Lay Down Your Burdens" Part 2, but there was no reluctance on his part in taking the office. He actively wanted to defeat her for her slights against him as vice president in previous episodes.


On page 13, Laura Roslin's student Kevin mentions Hubera, a woman who led a civil revolution on Aerilon in the past.


To cover up the sounds of a Cylon execution squad, Maya turns on a radio, which plays a Colonial song. Some of the lyrics are:


I took my true love's hand in mine
We fled from Thebes to Delphi
To have the oracle devine
Our gift from Aphrodite.

I took my true love's hand in mine
The temple trail to follow
To offer sacraments and wine
And gifts to great Apollo.


On page 18, the first two panels seem to be Baltar's memory of the beginning of the attack on the Twelve Colonies in "Humanity's Children", though the dialog seen here was not heard in that episode.


Cole's father meets with a human collaborating with the Cylons and the collaborator says he's from the Brenner Valley on Picon, "the heartland".


On page 27, Laura plays a piece of music by Becca Torria, whom she says was one of Caprica's most famous renaissance musicians.


Page 44 reveals that Laura and Maya are sharing a tent as roommates.


On page 46, Laura is teaching her students about the Sagittaron civil war.


On page 58, Baltar jokingly(?) suggests changing the name of New Caprica to Baltar's World.

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