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Battlestar Galactica
Episode Studies
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This is the home page of PopApostle's exploration of Battlestar Galactica. This will include studies of the original TV series and its associated comic books, novels, etc. and eventually moving onto the reimagined BSG and Caprica.


For the 3-hour pilot episode Saga of a Star World that starts off the epic and the two-part Lost Planet of the Gods, I have chosen to give each hour its own episode title; I do this for the esthetic of keeping episodes to approximately the same length as the weekly ongoing series and to make the studies a bit easier to write (and read) as segments. I have used the titles of the Marvel Comics issues of BSG that correspond to each hour. The episodes that followed already had episode titles, of course, and I will use those here.

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Season One
Battlestar Galactica: Annihilation Battlestar Galactica: Exodus Battlestar Galactica: Deathtrap Battlestar Galactica: Hijack in Space Battlestar Galactica: Baptism of Fire
"Annihilation" "Exodus" "Deathrap" "Hijack in Space" "Baptism of Fire"
"Saga of a Star World" Part 1
Episode 1a
"Saga of a Star World" Part 2
Episode 1b
"Saga of a Star World" Part 3
Episode 1c
BSG Annual 1978 BSG: The Compendium
(Maximum Press)
In another galaxy from our own, the 12 planetary colonies of humanity are about to sign for peace with their enemies, the robotic Cylons, ending a millennium of war. But the armistice turns into a trap, resulting in the near total annihilation of humanity. The fleet risks passing through a minefield to reach a planet that can provide fuel and food. The human survivors fall into a Cylon trap at Carillon. One of the fleet's ships suddenly pulls out, hijacked by an insane captain. As he and his fleet flee Carillon, Commander Adama reminisces about a mission against the Cylons in his youth.
Battlestar Galactica: Maytoria Battlestar Galactica: Behind Enemy Lines Battlestar Galactica: Taking It to the Enemy Battlestar Galactica: Risk and Luck Battlestar Galactica: Boarding Party
"Maytoria" "Behind Enemy Lines" "Taking It to the Enemy" "Risk and Luck" "Boarding Party"
Classic BSG #1 (Dynamite) Classic BSG #2 (Dynamite) Classic BSG #3 (Dynamite) Classic BSG #4 (Dynamite) Classic BSG #5 (Dynamite)
Starbuck and Boomer are shot down over the Sagittarian satellite world of Maytoria, now Cylon-occupied. Starbuck is aided by a ragtag band of human survivors on Maytoria. Starbuck and Boomer lead the Maytoria guerrillas against the Cylons. The colonial warriors and Sagittarian resistance capture a Cylon freighter in order to escape from Maytoria. A Cylon attack force boards the Galactica!
Battlestar Galactica: Bane of Baalfarr Battlestar Galactica: Into the Void Battlestar Galactica: A Death in the Family Battlestar Galactica: The Care and Feeding of Your Daggit Battlestar Galactica: The Memory Machine
"Bane of Baalfarr" "Into the Void" "A Death in the Family" "The Care and Feeding of Your Daggit" "The Memory Machine"
BSG Annual 1978 "Lost Planet of the Gods"
Part 1
Episode 2
"Lost Planet of the Gods"
Part 2
Episode 3
BSG Gallery Special BSG #6 (Marvel)
The fleet investigates an uninhabited planet lying at the fringes of Colonial starmaps. An unknown illness begins to spread through the Galactica. The rag-tag fleet discovers the planet Kobol, the lost homeworld of humanity. Apollo worries that Boxey has become too attached to his artificial daggit, Muffit. Commander Adama employs dangerous means to attempt to recall his memory of the Earth inscriptions he saw on Kobol.
Battlestar Galactica: All Things Past and Present Battlestar Galactica: Shuttle Diplomacy Battlestar Galactica: Space Mimic Battlestar Galactica: This Planet Hungers Battlestar Galactica: Scavenge World
"All Things Past and Present" "Shuttle Diplomacy" "Space Mimic" "This Planet Hungers" "Scavenge World"
BSG #7 (Marvel) BSG #8 (Marvel) BSG #9 (Marvel) BSG #10 (Marvel) BSG #11 (Marvel)
With Adama inside the memory machine, Sire Uri makes his move. Inside the memory machine, Adama recalls a mission guarding the leader of Scorpia. The Galactica faces the threat of an alien metamorph. Through Adama’s visions in the memory machine, Apollo and Starbuck relive a pre-massacre adventure aboard the Galactica. Scavenger-Pirates threaten to dismantle the fleet.
Battlestar Galactica: The Trap Battlestar Galactica: Collision Course Battlestar Galactica: Trial and Error Battlestar Galactica: Derelict Battlestar Galactica: Berserker
"The Trap" "Collision Course" Trial and Error "Derelict" "Berserker"
BSG #12 (Marvel) BSG #13 (Marvel) BSG #14 (Marvel) BSG #15 (Marvel) BSG #16 (Marvel)
The human fleet and the Cylons set mutual traps. The Cylons set a basestar on a collision course with the Galactica. The fleet is led out of the void; Starbuck is left behind on Scavenge World; Sire Uri goes on trial. Boomer investigates a derelict Caprican ship found floating in space. Apollo faces the menace of a Mark III Cylon.
Battlestar Galactica: Ape and Essence Battlestar Galactica: Forbidden Fruit Battlestar Galactica: The Daring Escape of the Space Cowboy Battlestar Galactica: Hell Hath No Fury Battlestar Galactica: A World for the Killing
"Ape and Essence" "Forbidden Fruit" "The Daring Escape of the Space Cowboy" "Hell Hath No Fury" "A World for the Killing"
BSG #17 (Marvel) BSG #18 (Marvel) BSG #19 (Marvel) BSG #20 (Marvel) BSG #21 (Marvel)
The fleet encounters dangerous life on a jungle planet. Apollo’s showdown with the transformed Enoch. Starbuck escapes from Scavenge World. Eurayle returns to claim Starbuck. Athena is captured by a lonely alien; Jolly undertakes an undercover assignment within the fleet.
Battlestar Galactica: Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair Battlestar Galactica: The Last Hiding Place Battlestar Galactica: Chess-Players of Space Battlestar Galactica: The Gun on Ice Planet Zero (Part 1) Battlestar Galactica: The Gun on Ice Planet Zero (Part 2)
"Black is the Color of
My True Love's Hair"
"The Last Hiding Place" "Chess-Players of Space" "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero"
Part 1
"The Gun on Ice Planet Zero"
Part 2
BSG #22 (Marvel) BSG #23 (Marvel) BSG Annual 1978 Episode 4 Episode 5
Jolly’s undercover mission takes him in pursuit of the food pirates plaguing the fleet. The food pirates are uncovered; a clue to the path to Earth is found. A battle between Cylon Raiders and Colonial Vipers is viewed as an epic chess game in space. The Cylons force the fleet towards a Cylon controlled ice planet where a powerful pulse weapon is pointed directly in its path. Commander Adama assembles a dangerous band of criminal demolition experts to destroy the Ravashol pulsar.
Battlestar Galactica: Doomsday Rock Battlestar Galactica: Enemy Within Battlestar Galactica: The Long Patrol Battlestar Galactica: The Lost Warrior Battlestar Galactica: Amazons of Space
"Doomsday Rock" "Enemy Within" "The Long Patrol" "The Lost Warrior" "Amazons of Space"
BSG Annual 1978 Mission Galactica:
The Cylon Attack
Episode 6 Episode 7 BSG Annual 1978
An asteroid heads straight for the Galactica! The Galactica receives a communication from a lone Cylon Raider, with two centurions claiming they wish asylum with the human fleet. Starbuck test-flies an experimental viper which is then stolen by a convict from a forgotten human prison planet. Apollo is forced to land on a small, forgotten farming world where he encounters a malfunctioning Cylon under the command of an evil human. A world of beautiful women warriors comes under attack by the Cylons.
Battlestar Galactica: Favorite Son Battlestar Galactica: The Magnificent Warriors Battlestar Galactica: Dice With Death Battlestar Galactica: Switch in Space Battlestar Galactica: Planet of the Cyclops
"Favorite Son" "The Magnificent Warriors" "Dice With Death" "Switch in Space" "Planet of the Cyclops"
Galactica: The New Millennium #1 (Realm Press) Episode 8 Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack
As a battle with the Cylons rages in space outside the agro ship Rhea, the captain of the vessel has an interlude with his frightened son. Two of the agro ships are destroyed and the third damaged in a Cylon attack, so the fleet must seek new seed stock on a nearby planet. On a food gathering mission, Apollo, Starbuck, and Athena are captured by the native humans of the planet Lonn. A derelict alien ship crosses the fleet's path. The fleet searches desperately for water to replenish that which was poisoned by the strange shape-shifters.
Battlestar Galactica: Skirmish Beyond Skafrax Battlestar Galactica: The Final Showdown Battlestar Galactica: The Young Lords Battlestar Galactica: Enslaved Battlestar Galactica: The Living Legend (Part 1)
"Skirmish Beyond Skafrax" "The Final Showdown" "The Young Lords" "Enslaved" "The Living Legend"
Part 1
Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack Episode 9 Look-In (1980) #30-42 Episode 10
The fleet encounters trouble as it makes its way back to Skafrax for water.

Commander Adama has no choice but to order a stand against the allied Cylon/Skafraxian forces at Skafrax in order to collect the much-needed water.

Starbuck crashes onto the planet Attila, where he meets some warrior children trying to free their father from a Cylon prison. Scouting for a source of supplies on the planet Zardak, Apollo, Starbuck, and Athena are captured and enslaved to work in a Cylon metals mine. The fleet encounters the lost battlestar, Pegasus.
Battlestar Galactica: The Living Legend (Part 2) Battlestar Galactica: Fire in Space Battlestar Galactica: War of the Gods (Part 1) Battlestar Galactica: War of the Gods (Part 2) Battlestar Galactica: Swamp World
"The Living Legend"
Part 2
"Fire in Space" "War of the Gods"
Part 1
"War of the Gods"
Part 2
"Swamp World"
Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14 BSG Annual 1978
Adama is forced to accept Cain’s plan to have their two battlestars attack Gamoray. A Cylon attack engulfs the Galactica in flames. The fleet encounters strange light ships and a seemingly supernatural being named Count Iblis. Count Iblis delivers on his promises to help the fleet, but Adama views him with suspicion. A madman from the fleet is chased to a small planetoid.
Battlestar Galactica: The Man With Nine Lives Battlestar Galactica: Murder on the Rising Star Battlestar Galactica: Greetings From Earth (Part 1) Battlestar Galactica: Greetings From Earth (Part 2) Battlestar Galactica: Baltar's Escape
"The Man With Nine Lives"  "Murder on the Rising Star"  "Greetings From Earth"
Part 1 
"Greetings From Earth"
Part 2 
"Baltar's Escape" 
Episode 15 Episode 16 Episode 17a Episode 17b Episode 18
Starbuck encounters a fellow gambler who may just be his father. When his triad arch rival, Ortega, is found murdered, Starbuck is arrested and accused. The fleet encounters a spacecraft with 6 human fugitives fleeing a war on their home planet…a world called Terra. Apollo, Starbuck, and Cassiopeia aid Michael and Sarah against the Eastern Alliance on the planet Paradeen. Baltar attempts to escape with the help of the Alliance enforcers and the Borellian Nomen.
Battlestar Galactica: Experiment in Terra Battlestar Galactica: Lunar Won Battlestar Galactica: Kresh Course Battlestar Galactica: The Leiter Side of Life Battlestar Galactica: Take the Celestra
"Experiment in Terra"  "Lunar Won" "Kresh Course" "The Leiter Side of Life" "Take the Celestra"
Episode 19 BSG: Starbuck #1
(Maximum Press)
BSG: Starbuck #2
(Maximum Press)
BSG: Starbuck #3
(Maximum Press)
Episode 20
Apollo is chosen by the Beings of Light to save the planet Terra. The Eastern Alliance launches an all-out attack on the Galactica; Starbuck meets the real Charlie Watts on Lunar 1. Starbuck is captured by the Eastern Alliance. The prison camp becomes the center of battle between the Lunar 1 resistance and the Alliance. Starbuck is reunited with an old flame; trouble brews within the fleet.
Battlestar Galactica: The Hand of God        
"The Hand of God"        
Episode 21        
Apollo intercepts a strange transmission of unknown origin. Meanwhile, the Galactica attempts a sneak attack on a hidden basestar.        

Beyond Season One